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About us

Greatly Treasured Explorers,

Nomadic land is waiting for you! 

Our team of high professionals is ready to make an introduction of the company and high-level service for you, our dearest guests. We provide tours in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.

Our company with the total experience of 10 years will provide with tours covering the entire history of the nomadic people, having passed the entire Central Asia. On arriving here guests will be provided with the best service, extremely hospitable people. Usual trips taken by our clients are organized according to the highest standards of time and comfort value.

About us. 

Our managers are glad to offer the variety of products to be taken during a journey taken. All is based on the primary wishes of guests and their aims - here we mean business, nature, romantic, investigational and so on. All of the experiences may be taken with 1-3 weeks, averagely 14 days. The holidaymakers who are out of time but full of desire to see the country there can be organized 1 day excursion along the sites nearest to 5 stan capitals.

On coming to the country and choosing our company boarders will be offered hotels in the capital Bishkek, various boarding houses, homestays. All of the accommodations are fully equipped with all necessary including bathrooms, toilets, showers. When the route is in the distant valley there will be offered a yurt, unique Kyrgyz nomadic dwelling. Traveling along Silk Road you can make a combined tour in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan.

What about the staff of the company, all of our workers are highly professional and eager to make the wanderers pleased with everything they are offered. They are glad to inform about the details of a tour, about safety conditions, places of visiting. "Travel Experts" team would like to assure you about the fact that guides have seen each secret place of the country and are ready to acquaint you with the local citizens and their way of life.

What about food and cuisine in the country, overseers will be shown best restaurants and cafés of the capital city, where the variety of cuisine can be met. It means guests can choose any cuisine they want, Western, National or European. Later they will be guests of local nomads which means the wide choice of tastiest Kyrgyz cuisine, traditional Kyrgyz snacks and drinks. Anyway, guides will take in consideration all of the eating habits to adjust cuisine to some particular people.

Our team wants to believe this information was valuable as we are striving to make every client pleased with the tour chosen, with the service made and of course with our country. All along the trip you travel there will be going with professional drivers, highly experienced guides and cooks specializing in your food excesses. The greatest desire of our own is to welcome you to Kyrgyzstan, as the country is paradise as realized on earth.


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