Clothing and Kyrgyz has been adapted to the conditions of life resulting from the activity. It was a calico or coarse calico shirt, wide trousers on the complication. Jacket worn over a shirt, sewn pritaleno, in cold weather on top of which wore a quilted coat or homespun cloth. Winter clothes Kirghiz - a sheepskin coat and trousers of wool with fur inside. Shoes Kyrgyz - it boots with soft soles without heels. Summer hat Kirghiz - a hat made of thin, white felt-fields with cuffs of black velvet. Winter hat was a hat with earflaps from sheep skins.
The traditional women's clothing consisted of long white shirt, which also served as a dress, and long trousers that are worn under the dress. Vest worn over a dress or jacket. The girls and young women, tank tops and jackets with colored velvet, married women wear consisted of a kind of skirt with wide belt and bright embroidery, which were made of sheepskin, fur is located inside. They were worn during the cold season. On his head is a married woman can be seen hat-turban of fine muslin, the girls wore round hats trimmed with fluffy fur and decorated with feathers, an eagle owl. Modern clothing Kirghiz common.
Kyrgyzskaya culture evolved originally. Kirghiz in the past engaged in nomadic and semi-pastoralists. Nomadic way of life imposed a stamp on their whole life, shelter, clothing, household items. Home crafts have been associated with the processing of livestock products, wool, hides, skins. - Be sure about the best tours here. - to have a nice tour choose trekking option.   - there are combined tours with trekking and horse riding. - our tours are in the list of best tours in Kyrgyzstan. - Take you chance to have a super tour! - Unforgettable horse riding and biking tours.          - check up all possible tours in Kyrgyzstan.          


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