An exciting and thrilling spectacle of national sports games are from Kirghiz. You will be interested not only see but also to participate in them, test their strength, agility and wit.
As well as a few centuries ago, a favorite pastime is hunting with Kyrgyz hunting birds and competition for horses. Strength, courage, agility and skill, and perseverance required match dzhigits "atchabysh" - jumps to 20-30 km, and "Jorge-salysh" - jumps amblers 2-10 km, an exciting fight on horseback "Oodarysh." But the most striking sight is the fight over the carcass of riders' Ulaktartysh "or" Cook Forest "which reveals strength, courage, boldness and agility to compete. The most interesting horse game "kyzkuumay" (catch the girl) has long been prevalent among young people Kyrgyz. The girl starts to jump a little earlier horseman, who must catch up to her and kiss her or touch his hand. If the brave do not catch up with the girl, he eliminated from further competition. Only the most cunning and courageous on the shoulder of the most challenging races on horseback, "dzhambyatmay" - shooting at a target at full gallop and "tyyinenmey" - dostavanie at full gallop with the coin lands, which lies in a pit at a depth of 1.5-2 cm
Not a national holiday or celebration can not do without the competition of men of power, of which are very popular tug of war - "Arcane tartmay" and belt wrestling - "kuresh." Participants' kuresh "go in a circle, come together and take each other's waist. Care must be one of the conditions - not tear your hands off the waist, "the enemy". The winner of the one who put the opponent on both blades.
"Toguzkorgool" - is the Kyrgyz board puzzle game that is a national sport. It has a national federation championships are regularly held at this game, was awarded the title Master of Sport in Kyrgyzstan.


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