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Kyrgyzstan information, Kyrgyzstan tours. 

Kyrgyzstan is an amazing country to travel! You can see amazing mountains, high altitude lakes, nomads with cattle and unforgettable gorges!  

Mountains take leading position in Kyrgyzstan and have estimated lots of peaks, gorges and valleys, with changeable climate and high altitudes. Those who travel in Kyrgyzstan consider that the country is seen like 94 % of it is 1000 meters above sea level, and 71% is 2000 above sea level. All these you will see during your tour. 
Tien Shan Mountain range is the largest mountain chain in Central Asia, expanses over different countries and takes the 2/3 of system in Kyrgyzstan. As any range and territory, the Tien Shan Mountain range is divided into the following: Northern, Western, Eastern, Central and Inner. In the course of tours in Kyrgyzstan it will be clear that according to scientific investigation, the range consists from sandy, igneous and metamorphic categories of rocks. There are two peaks that are vaulted by climbers in their tours in Kyrgyzstan- Pobeda and Khan Tengri - on Tien Shan Range that are over 7000 meters high, surrounding Enilchek Glacier. The peaks that may be travelled in Kyrgyzstan are 23 times higher than 3 pristine peaks of 6000 meters; 14 pristine peaks are located among 80 peaks of 5000 - 6000 meters above sea level.
Meeting with nomads make your tour particular. You will find out a lot of interesting information about their tribes and traditions. 
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