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In 80 km north of Jalal Abad in the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan there is a place named Arslanbob of 6, 080 km2. The forest of walnuts - Arslanbob where saint lake Kel-Mazar and Mount Babash-Ata is located for pilgrimates to visit it every year and nowadays is often traveled in Kyrgyzstan we witness a great amount of people visiting the forest. Right here Big and Small waterfalls of eye-catching nature and beauty of mountain Kyrgyzstan are located. These waterfalls are 2,200 meters above sea level that lets to see the panorama of amazing views during tours in Kyrgyzstan. Trees in the forest of Arslanbob in Kyrgyzstan are estimated to be growing since ancient times and are estimated about 1 000 years old. During this time they have grown 30 meters high. And when you travel in Kyrgyzstan you will see it.

Travelling in Kyrgyzstan you should visit the forest Arslanbob and other places of interest as you will never meet the place better. Our company is glad to offer you different tours in Kyrgyzstan. We are oriented to provide service of high quality of travels in Kyrgyzstan. Have a good holiday and travel in Kyrgyzstan with comfort! 

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