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Traveling around the territory with car rent Kyrgyzstan service, guests of the country during the tour have a chance to taste the cuisine of a previously nomadic people. During the tour, travelers in Kyrgyzstan taste the cuisines of such peoples as Turks, Persians, Arabs, Indians, Chinese, Russians and Europeans. Tourists can simply take cars rent and visit any restaurant in Kyrgyzstan to get acquainted with the dreamy cuisine. In this article, you can see the most basic local dishes.

Bread is the most important thing for the Kyrgyz. According to the way of life of nomads, it is customary to tear bread with your hands, and not to tear it with a knife. It is also important for Kyrgyz people to put bread upper side in up, not upside down. The national type of bread in Kyrgyzstan that travelers can taste during the tour with the car for rent Kyrgyzstan service is called lepeshka, a round bread baked in a tandoor. Also, boorsok can be attributed to a number of breads, these are small pieces of bread fried in oil.

Beshbarmak is an iconic dish of nomadic cuisine. After taking this dish, you should wash your hands as this dish is eaten with your hands. Then say the words of blessing. If Kyrgyz eat beshbarmak, they sit side by side and discuss different topics. Beshbarmak is lamb with onions and dough.

Chuchuk is a highly nutritious local dish of Kyrgyzstan. Traveling around the state with car rent Kyrgyzstan service, try to taste this national homemade sausage. Chuchuk is one of a number of those dishes that are delicacies and which are necessarily prepared for special occasions, such as for holidays or toi (celebration). The kazy kabyrga, ulcers, salt, pepper, black pepper, onion, garlic, caraway seeds, bay leaves are used to prepare this famous food. It is also important to use different spices when marinating the meat.

This is a hearty dish made from fried beef or lamb with potatoes and onions. Nomad ancestors used to cook this traditional dish on metal. And because of the stones, this dish of the cuisine of nomadic peoples acquires a unique taste.

This soup occupies a special place in the variety of dishes of oriental cuisine. Shorpo is a meat soup with herbs and vegetables. Many tourists traveling in Kyrgyzstan with the cars rent service, trying this dish, usually add more red pepper to make the taste unique. Because in this way all the ingredients acquire an unforgettable taste.

This is a well-known oriental dish. Today plov (pilaf) is cooked not only in Central Asian countries but also in others. In Kyrgyzstan, plov is always prepared for weddings, funerals, childbirth, etc. Sometimes they even cook plov just to treat guests.

Samsa is a baked dough, usually flaky and stuffed with meat. Today you can find samsa with different fillings, such as chicken. For samsa, meat with onions and spices are used as a filling. Samsa is prepared from a traditional tandoor oven or on special stones. Travelers on tour with the car for rent Kyrgyzstan service will be able to find this food anywhere in Kyrgyzstan and taste it.

Manty is a classic dish of the Turkic cuisine. Almost every Kyrgyz family loves this common dish. Manty is served in a large plate and placed in the middle of the table; from this plate, each member of the meal can put the desired portion for himself. The meal should be eaten with your hands. By the way, this dish is prepared in a special steamer.

It is a well-known Central Asian dish that resembles noodles with gravy or soup. This traditional dish is prepared from lamb and vegetables, noodles. Lagman noodles are made by hand, that is, they are stretched into thin noodle rolls. By the way, today you can buy this from noodles and just cook at home. Lagman can be cooked with plenty of water to make a soup. In addition, peppers, eggplants, beans, radishes, onions, carrots, etc. are added to this traditional dish. This is one of those dishes of the local cuisine that travelers should definitely try while in Kyrgyzstan.

Ashlam - Fu
This is a dish of Dungan, Chinese, Muslim origin, made from hot and sour vegetable broth, lagman noodles and starch. In fact, it is a cold soup that is ideal for eating on hot summer days. By the way, tourists traveling around Kyrgyzstan with cars rent service go to the city of Karakol, because it is there that the most delicious and unique taste Ashlyam - Fu is prepared.

This is a kebab-like dish made from finely cut meat, which is also cooked over a fire. Traveling around the area with car rent Kyrgyzstan service, tourists can taste Shashlyk in any restaurant or cafe in the country. This traditional dish of local cuisine has a Turkic origin. To prepare this dish, different spices are used to make the meat juicy, that is, the meat is marinated and some vegetables are also added.

This is a traditional dish especially Kyrgyz and Uzbek cuisine. From itself, dymlyama is a meat and vegetable dish. Usually this dish is prepared from lamb, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, bell peppers, and so on. We advise tourists during the tour traveling around the country with the car for rent Kyrgyzstan service not to miss their chance and to taste this dish, it is really tasty.

This is an old dish that is also one of the simplest but also delicious local dishes. Ganfan is a bit like lagman in composition. However, ganfan is prepared with more vegetables, spices, noodles, but less water. And they use rice instead of noodles.

Traveling around Kyrgyzstan with the cars rent service during the tour, tourists may well taste one of the symbolic dishes, or rather the soup of Slavic cuisine. The Kyrgyz have long fallen in love with Slavic cuisine. For borsch, ingredients such as beef, vegetables are used, thanks to the beets, the red color of the soup is remarkable.

In Kyrgyzstan, during the tour, you can meet not only representatives of different nations, but also taste traditional dishes of many cuisines of the world. For example, côtelette is a primordial dish of French cuisine made from subcostal meats. Today, meat of different animals is used for cooking cutlets, such as chicken, turkey and beef. Potatoes and onions are also used for cooking cutlets.

Kurut is a domestic product, interesting and unusual in appearance and taste. Kurut is a sour milk snack that resembles a small ball in its shape. They taste salty, creamy, sometimes sweet and sour, even spicy. Children in Kyrgyzstan love this type of snack, and adults also love it. Therefore, travelers during the tour with car rent Kyrgyzstan service should definitely try a national snack.

Mampar is an old dish, or rather, a soup of the peoples of Central Asia, which is prepared from boiled dough with onions and potatoes. Sometimes greens are added to this radiant soup. A very easy to prepare dish representing the local cuisine.

This is a Slavic cuisine dish that is boiled from unleavened dough stuffed with minced meat. Pelmeni (dumplings) are boiled in lightly salted water and then served with sour cream and ketchup, mayonnaise.

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