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General information

As for general information about the country, Kyrgyzstan is in the center of Central Asia, the area of 198,500 km2.  And all who travel in Kyrgyzstan know that the territory is as follows: 900 km from east to west and 410 km from north to south. As to the territory, Tajikistan is the 1st smallest, Kyrgyzstan is the 2nd one. Neighbors are: China - east and southeast, Kazakhstan - north, Uzbekistan - west, Tajikistan - south. Making tours in Kyrgyzstan you have opportunities to be the part of nature.

            Kyrgyzstan is the country with seven different but so interesting regions for making a tour. These regions have certain officials who rule the certain region and may be seen when you travel in Kyrgyzstan.


Kyrgyzstan is the spellbinding country, trips can be seen under the link given below:

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Folklore show in Kyrgyzstan



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