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Getting to the highest locations

Kyrgyzstan is a country of mighty mountains, and from the point of view of alpinism, this is a great place. And now you want to go on tours in Kyrgyzstan, a great solution is to rent a car and learn a lot of facts about the country. From the point of view of hiking and trekking, our country is a great place. In the days of the Soviet Union, people could not just climb the mountains, only some could get permission to visit the peaks of the mountains.

Our tour guides in Kyrgyzstan will be able to provide you with information about the country, the mountainous territory, you can also learn about all the permits and restrictions, advantages and disadvantages, and about the mountains of the republic. And our clients on tours in Kyrgyzstan will be able to rent a car to enjoy all the delights of the country. On tours in Kyrgyzstan, guests also need to know that there may be difficulties at altitude in the form of avalanches and crevices.

Our team of experts wants to tell you that climbers can jump over heights of 7000 meters above sea level and they are awarded the title "Snow Leopard". And about 600 climbers could receive the award during the Soviet Union.

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