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History of Kyrgyzstan

Introduction. To make a short introduction about the history of Kyrgyzstan, we point out that there is an interesting fact about people. It may be known when you travel in Kyrgyzstan that people used to live nomadic way of life and it led to constant changing of place of living, without crating towns for living as Kyrgyz people tried to save pristine nature. Main information was transmitted in the oral approach, only important events and changes in life were recorded by people in Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyz people are thought to be known for about 2000 years, from first mentioning in 201 BC.

Kyrgyz history is clearly seen in following periods:

Prehistory (1 million years ago - 1 000 BC). Human appeared when development of culture and art started existence on the territory of Kyrgyzstan and this period is known as Prehistory (1 million years ago - 1 000 BC). In ancient time Rock Art Gallery in Cholpon Ata was visited as center of spiritual life. The proof of these events is 2000 paintings on stones denoting living beings, daily events, and other creatures. In different places of historical meaning you can see these paintings during your tour in Kyrgyzstan. Petroglyphs represented animals, like goats, bears, deer and the process of hunting, swimming, dancing.

Ancient History (1 000 BC - 300 AD). Chinese notes and records revealed the existence of Kyrgyz people, the period is identified as Ancient History (1 000 BC - 300 AD). They became known as people conquered by the Hunnu, according to chronicles "Historical notes" by historian Sima Tan in 201 B.C. the other chronicles History of Man by the historian Ban Gu identify state of the people with all information that helped to identify the place of documents creation as the Eastern part of Turkestan. Investigators travelled in Kyrgyzstan and identified a lot of interesting facts.

Turkic Era (500-1200). Turkic speaking tribes were moving from Altai Mountains in the middle of 6th to the 13th centuries. Due to this fact nothing was known about Kyrgyz in Chinese notes in first six centuries. In the 7th century Kyrgyz created and established the Kyrgyz Kaganate. Kaganate was set in the Middle Yenisey River in South Siberia with a king in face of Barsbek ajo. All historical notes you will hear during your tours in Kyrgyzstan. Empire was strengthen from the river Irtysh in the west to the Big Khingan range in the east, from Angara and Selegna Rivers in the north to the Gobi Desert in the south. When you travel in Kyrgyzstan you are given notes that Kyrgyz Empire became known also thanks to Russian and Soviet historian Barthold, who introduced the term revealed in the course of his travelling in Kyrgyzstan. 

The Mongol Rule (1200-1400). Kyrgyz people were conquered by the Mongols in the 13th century and this period is known as The Mongol Rule (1200-1400). The army was going under Genghis Khan to take the territory of Central Asia and modern Kyrgyzstan. They managed to do that and they destroyed Turkic culture that had already developed. Previously Kyrgyz people were shamans and followed shamanism up to 19th century though Islam started its development in 12th-15th centuries. They may be notice at the present during tours in Kyrgyzstan Islam is known as the religion of Turkic trades, warriors, Persian and Arab.

Kyrgyz consolidation (1400-1800). Kyrgyz people are not local inhabitants of Kyrgyzstan, they came from the South Siberia in 15-19th. And the present territory of Kyrgyzstan previously is known as the one where statehood didn't exist, but was ruling of two wings. This ruling was the center of independent tribes. Travelling in Kyrgyzstan it is always possible to get to know more.

Russian Colonization (1770-1917). The process of people and territory of Kyrgyzstan going under the powers of the Russian Empire was important and heads of tribes were sending representatives to adjust annexation to the Russian Empire. During tours in Kyrgyzstan you will find out that Northern tribes were gladly joining the Russian Empire as there were lots of threats from the Kyrgyz people themselves, from China, Koqand and Kazakhs. Southern tribes in Kyrgyzstan were against it and they were forced to join. Due to joining, new administrative powers established with developing of agriculture and economy.

Soviet Rule (1917-1991). New period of development in Kyrgyzstan started when Central Asia was given an idea of society with complete equality in 1917. This is also a year when political, economical and cultural life of country started flourishing; education, painting, art and cinema along with heavy metal processing industry and machinery started to develop. At the same time it is development of tours in Kyrgyzstan. Soviet Rule is a period of making autonomous regions and republics in Kyrgyzstan. One of disadvantages was prohibition of faith, forced collectivization and Cultural Revolution, led by lots of innocent people deaths.

Independent Kyrgyzstan (since 1991). When the Soviet Union fell, regions and cities had nothing but to become independent. Now you can freely travel in Kyrgyzstan in any region of the country. Along with a new constitution of 1993, independence of Kyrgyzstan in 1991 brought national flag, emblem and anthem. UN adopted Kyrgyzstan as a member. Independence meant not only the time of new beginnings, but the time of unemployment and crises of different kinds leading to destabilization, not democracy. The situation had changed when Kyrgyzstan became of parliamentary system. Central Asia became stable in successful transition of power in 2017.

Kyrgyzstan has interesting and long history of existence and each period is remarkable in its own way. During tours in Kyrgyzstan you will be given information about history, culture and people, with all details you are interested in. Our managers are glad to discuss a tour program in Kyrgyzstan taking in account your desires. We are happy to see you travelling in Kyrgyzstan.

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