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Horse games and other

Your car rent tour in Kyrgyzstan will be surely fulfilled with great emotions as we are ready to inform our guests about the idea that people of Kyrgyzstan used to be nomads in their past and they still are nomads in their hearts; that is why famous activities are horse games and other national games. Travelling in Kyrgyzstan on a renting car you have the chance to get acquainted with horse games as horses have always been the significant connection between nomadic tribes. One of the first games which may be seen by you in the course of a car for rent tour in Kyrgyzstan is kok-boru. This game is known for having two teams of 8 people. They are taking efforts of putting the goat in goals of the opponent. The other game is Erenish that is based on the riders to throw the other one from the back of the horse. All games connected with horses which you can witness when you travel in Kyrgyzstan on a rented car. Kyz-Kuumai is known to be the game of the wedding custom. In the course of a car rent tour in Kyrgyzstan if you happen to be invited, you can witness this game playing. It is based on the groom to catch the bride when she is given faster and stronger horse. When he catches her, he must kiss and marry her then. When you start to travel in Kyrgyzstan on car for rent sooner or later you are going to face with one of the game. At the same time you have an opportunity to get to know the game which resembles the Greco-Roman and free style wrestling - it is alysh. When there are no wars and threats from the outer Kyrgyz people used to play the intellectual game toguz korgool. We are glad to organize a tour as well as provide car rent service which can cover the process of playing or watching horse or national games for you to travel with pleasure.

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