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Jeti Oguz gorge or the famous Seven Bulls canyon

While being in Karakol guests are required to travel along the places of Kyrgyzstan, and are aimed to have a tour to the famous Jeti Oguz gorge (Seven Bulls). It is known to be placed at 28km, and tending to be the main destination, while the trip along Karakol. In the course of the expedition on rented cars guests are going to view the rocks of red color, when the appearance reminding the bulls in a row.

At the same time it is free to rent a car and have a view of all these amazing locations, and we are going to offer the listening to the stories and legends of the past times connected with the gorge as well. So during the tour here you have a chance to listen to our guides to myths. But we would like to give the main idea of the legend in this article. It is known to be the location when the bulls were killed by the king, who was made to do this. That is why it is of red color due to blooded coloring the rocks. That is why Kyrgyzstan is a best country for the outing to be made. Travel here with our company.

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