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Khan Tengri

The peak Khan Tengri in Kyrgyzstan was mistakenly understood with the Peak Pobeda in 1857 and travel in Kyrgyzstan with us. The name of the mountain mainly is named the "Blood Mountain" - Kan Tau due to red sunsets and sunrises.

Khan Tengri, the peak in the Issyk Kul region and a border of Kyrgyzstan with Kazakhstan, is 7010 me high according to fresh investigations. Previously the peak was known to be 6995 m above sea level during various travelling in Kyrgyzstan. There were made a lot of attempts to mount the peak in tours in modern Kyrgyzstan, but the first successful was made by the team from Ukraine in 1931.

During the time of the Soviet Union up to 1989 local climbers need a permission for mounting. And at the foot of the peak there are following spots: Enilchek Glacier and the shadowy Merzbacher lake that are within easy reach during summer August time, in Kyrgyzstan. The special division is made by the pass Ak Togue with the Terskey Ala Too range; all the way is covered with firs of Tien Shan, right in the valet of the river Karkara and Sary Zhaz and the very places for travelling in Kyrgyzstan.

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