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Konorchek canyons

Eye-catching landscapes with sands and 3 million years old volcanoes, 500 m winds and long labyrinths of 200 km may be visited in 125 km Konorchek canyons from Bishkek may be travelled in Kyrgyzstan. Konorchek canyons emerged about half million years ago in the type of two waterfalls - Small and Large that may be visited by all who want in the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan. Due to the age of canyons we may start thinking about animals and creatures from fairy tales of those days in the territory and may be seen travelling in Kyrgyzstan. As scenery is amazing there is an opportunity to catch sunset, but there may be raining and it is necessary to know weather circumstances in Kyrgyzstan exactly. In the course of tours in Kyrgyzstan it will be clear that it is country of unpredictable weather and it can change very fast.

Managers of our company work for you to have an amazing holiday when they travel in Kyrgyzstan. They are always striving to arrange everything the way you to feel comfortable during tours in Kyrgyzstan. You can identify your wishes of tour in Kyrgyzstan and we will make it surely unforgettable. 

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