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Kyrgyz Jeti Oguz gorge (Seven Bulls)

Jeti Oguz gorge (Seven Bulls) is one of the most visited sites in Kyrgyzstan for all making their car for rent tours. Our company is glad to offer car rent tours which you can cover travelling in Kyrgyzstan. In the course of a car rent tour you will notice that the gorge Jeti Oguz is seen in the form of Bulls, red bulls, standing in a row. As all places in Kyrgyzstan, this one is connected with the legend of its emergence - it is said that there used to be the khan who lost wife as the other man stole her. As he didn't want her to be in the heart of the other he killed them both. The gorge is 35 km and the bulls themselves stand in a row of 28 km.

Travelling further on a rented car you can make a visit of the Broken Heart. One of the legends which you will hear travelling in Kyrgyzstan on a car for rent is that there was a woman who couldn't choose between two men. They have decided to fight for her and died both. This broke her heart.

When you start a car rent tour in Kyrgyzstan it is possible for you to be attentive as with this you can notice a lot of details. And in our turn we are glad to make you feel great during your car for rent tour.

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