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Kyrgyz Mountain ranges

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In this part, the speech will go about mountain ranges in Kyrgyzstan. We can count approximately 88 ranges. The Tien Shan Mountains have a considerable area of glaciation - 10.2 thousand square kilometers. The largest area of glaciation here is located in the ridges of the Central Tien Shan. Other centers are the Zailiysky Alatau, Terskey-Alatau, Ak shyirak, Kokshaltau ranges, and in the Eastern Tien Shan-the Iren - Khabyrga and Halyktau ranges. Complex valley glaciers flow down from the ridges of the Central Tien Shan; the largest of them are the Southern Inylchek (its length is 59.5 km), the Northern Inylchek (38.2 km) and the most significant glacier of the entire Eastern Tien Shan-Kara - Dzhailau (34 km).

The Terskey Ala-Too ridge is the second largest center of the Tien Shan glaciation after the Victory Peak and Khan Tengri massif, there are about 1,100 glaciers with a total area of 1,081 km2. The word "ala-too" in translation from the Kyrgyz language means "colorful mountains", a designation indicating a pronounced high-altitude zone of mountains, partly white due to snow, partly dark in snowless areas. "Terskey" means "the north-facing side of the mountain". In the case of this mountain range, the name that originated among the Kyrgyz, the inhabitants of the Issyk-Kul basin, refers to the entire massif located south of Lake Issyk-Kul.

The Terskey Ala-Too range is located in the north-eastern part of Kyrgyzstan and closes the basin of Lake Issyk-Kul from the south. Its crest stretches, in the latitudinal direction, for 375 kilometers and rises in its highest part, located south of the city of Karakol, at 5,281 meters above sea level (Karakol peak). The average height of the ridge is about 4,500 m.

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