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Kyrgyz Peak Lenin

Peak Lenin is the other famous peak in Kyrgyzstan which gains great interest of tourists and mountain-lovers. Travelling in Kyrgyzstan  on a rented car it is possible to start the tour which can help you to make a witness of all peculiar places of the country. In this case it may be rather dangerous and health/life threatening.  During the Soviet Union it was impossible to visitors and guests of the country to make car rent tours in mountains as it was prohibited with some people being given opportunities and allowances but rarely. 

The peak was the aim of investigators travelling in Kyrgyzstan. A.P. Fedchanko made his tour in 1871. Then the tour was made by the group of people in 1929 when the team failed to reach the top of the mountain. Then after 5 years the tour was managed by the team of the Red Army, of professionals who managed to vault the top and put the statue of Lenin.

Before starting a car rent tour in mountains of Kyrgyzstan you have to get to know that one of the greatest vaulting was made in 1967 when 301 people from different countries. These people let the beginning to new 16 routes which may be covered in the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan.

But there are also sad events. It is known that mountains are dangerous and they have already expressed this danger in 1974. This year was the last one for the group of women who were taken by the storm, and then in 1991 the group of 44 people was taken by the earthquake - only one person stayed alive. And we are glad to answer all your questions in identifying advantages and disadvantages of travelling in mountains of Kyrgyzstan on renting car especially along high peaks.

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