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Kyrgyz Peak Pobeda

Mountains of Kyrgyzstan show us the beauty and the danger in one appearance, and in this case we would like to talk about peak Pobeda. In the course of travelling in Kyrgyzstan on a car for rent you have the opportunities to make a witness of various mountain peaks. But Peak Pobeda is 7439m above sea level and only professionals can make a tour here. During your car rent tour in Kyrgyzstan with vaulting the top of the mountain you can see that the peak is almost on the border with China. That is why the Chinese name is Tomur peak. P. Semyenov made tours and travelled in Kyrgyzstan mountains with an aim to get to know the nature of these king-like mountains. But he made a mistake in identifying this peak with the Khan Tengri one. Anyway both peaks had the same name in different periods of time. When you are starting a car rent tour in Kyrgyzstan you are always said rules of behavior as it is extremely necessary to know how to behave in mountains. In 1946 the peak was named like this in honor of the victory in WW2. Now you have all the opportunities to travel in Kyrgyzstan on a renting car and vault any mountain you want having the necessary specialization.

Talking about mounting, we can say that there were a lot of attempts made to vault the top. In 1938 the team from the Soviet Union made an attempt to vault the top, then in 1955 the team of people from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan made a tour. But the reason of failed attempt was seen in high precipitations which took 12 members of the team. In the course of a car for rent tour in mountains of Kyrgyzstan you should always follow recommendations of our company and in this case everything will be going great.


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