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Kyrgyz Political situation

Now it is possible to travel in Kyrgyzstan on a car for rent despite tense political situation. For you to start a tour in Kyrgyzstan on a renting car we recommend to get to know every detail of the country where you are going to travel. You are advised to contact our managers and they will organize a tour as well as provide car rent service which suits all your wishes and desires. It is world-wide known that there were 2 tense situations in Kyrgyzstan - in 2005 and 2010. These were the times of instability and dangerous situations on the streets of the country.

Now it is the time for you to start to travel in Kyrgyzstan on car for rent and make a witness of all peculiar places which we are glad to show you. Long time ago during these revolutions the government couldn't protect the system and presidents were overthrown. Now it is safe and you have all opportunities to travel in Kyrgyzstan and make all tours you are wishing.

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