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Kyrgyz Rafting

We are glad to announce that Kyrgyzstan is a country where tourists can do rafting in the course of their car rent tours in the country. Rafting is the activity that can be experienced when you travel in Kyrgyzstan on a renting car and it makes people feel high emotions, adrenaline in blood and unforgettable feeling of forthcomingness. It is possible to undergo special training before rafting in the course of a car for rent tour in the country. As it is required to have a certain experience for all to do rafting along rivers of Kyrgyzstan, when they start to travel on renting car in our country. At the same time before you start to travel your car rent tour in our country we would like to let you know that mountains and rivers of Kyrgyzstan may be rather dangerous and for you to feel safe contact our managers for them to describe you all in details. Or you are free to visit our website where we have put all necessary information for our dearest tourists. 

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