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Manas construction, the ancient saint site

Our company's clients will be able to explore beautiful landscapes, stunning sights, and incredible mountain landscapes during their tours. Tourists also have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the history and culture and also enjoy exploring the Manas tourist complex. This complex is located 22 km from Talas in Tash-Aryk, which you can explore during tours of Kyrgyzstan and get into its history. Don't miss the chance to enjoy rent a car and learn the facts about the country.

There is a chance for guests during tours in Kyrgyzstan that the complex has a second name as "Manas-Ordo". The area of the complex is about 2.25 km2. Our guests of Kyrgyzstan will be able to rent a car, enjoy the history of the complex and also the territory during the tours, and learn that it was named after the hero of Manas. The complex is gumbez, which was built in the name of the heroes of Kyrgyzstan, which you can visit during tours of Kyrgyzstan.

Our clients on tours in Kyrgyzstan will see that the complex has a long history and it was created in 1334. There is also another legend that tells that the complex is considered the burial place of the daughter of the Emir Abuki. Here, guests of the country will be able to see that in the complex there are stone statues called balbals warriors, and which were installed in honor of the protection of the complex.

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