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Natural forests Arslanbob

Making a car rent tour in Kyrgyzstan you are highly recommended to make a visit of one of the greatest natural forests in Central Asia - Arslanbob. We are glad to advise you to rent a car for tour in advance as during the season of travel it is impossible to find vacant and the suitable one. You have a great opportunity to make a visit on rented car of the park which is estimated to be 6,080 km2. Arslanbob is said to have the legend which you can listen travelling in Kyrgyzstan on a car for rent. As the legend goes, walnuts actually came from Kyrgyzstan, not Greece. The reason is that Alexander Macedonian came here during his tour and took walnuts to his land. Making a tour to Arslanbob you will notice two waterfalls of the unforgettable beauty - Big and Small (80 and 35m). Every year there is the harvest of 1.500 tons of walnuts. Despite these trees, there grow apple, cherry and pear. It is possible to start a tour and travel to this stunning place.

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