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A tour with car rent will tell you that Kyrgyzstan is populated more by supporters of the religion of Islam. When you travel to Kyrgyzstan surrounded by mountains, you will understand that more than 75% of the country is Muslim, about 20% are followers of the Russian Orthodox Church, and only 5% are supporters of other religions.

Bishkek rent a car is another way to facilitate your movement throughout the travel tour in the country where the majority of Muslims are Sunnis, who appeared in the 8th century. It should be noted here that until the end of the 19th century, it was the leader in Kyrgyzstan. Meeting shamans on a tour of Kyrgyzstan is also not excluded. During the travel tour, you will also be told that Christianity is the second largest religion in the country, having existed since the 7th century. Basically, the representatives of this religion are ethnic Russians and Ukrainians.

In Kyrgyzstan, no one is forced to accept any religion, in other words there is freedom of choice of religion. Nevertheless, do not forget that here in their times there were exactly prohibitions to have any religion and in general to believe in God. But these times, forbidding the entire religion, have passed. Today, every person in Kyrgyzstan is free to profess any religion. The Bishkek rent a car travel tour is the best way to fully explore the religion in the country.

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