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Rukh Ordo complex

To watch sunset and sunrise, to watch the witness of the history - you need to visit the complex Rukh Ordo in the course of tours inKyrgyzstan. It embraces all religions under one roof in the reason of unity of faith. All world religions and legends found their investigation here, and give facts from science and fantasy. The complex is located in the country and may be visited by all who travel in Kyrgyzstan near the Issyk Kul from the south and Kundei Ala Too Solar Mountain from the north. In the very center of the complex white chapels are located symbolizing religions - they are different but serve for one. Also visitors travelling in Kyrgyzstan as a part of a tour program always come here and have the feeling of peace as this sacred place releases just kindness and peace.

To be the part of this atmosphere and Kyrgyzstan it is necessary to book the period of travel beforehand for you to have wider choice of opportunities.  ! Your tour in Kyrgyzstan will surely be the greatest! 

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