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Sulaiman Mountain in Kyrgyzstan

Sulaiman mountain is seen as one of the most significant sites in the entire Kyrgyzstan. Being the rock of 1175 meters above sea level the mountain is a holy place for the people living here and for those who travel their car rent tours in Kyrgyzstan. The historical notes say that there was the time when King Solomon (Suleiman) was travelling along these territories. The mountain was named Bara-Kukh, Takht-i-Suleiman - "The Throne of Solomon" with the mosque of the same name. We are glad to make an excursion for you in the course of a tour as it is necessary to feel the culture and the history of the people and the mountain. The mountain is said to be built by the Timurid dynasty.

Making a car for rent tour to the mountain it is possible to find out that there are caves which are seen to become the museum - Osh United Historical and Cultural Museum. Travelling in Kyrgyzstan on a rented car and making the tour to the mountain you will see that it was said to be enlisted in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2009.

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