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Travel in Konorchek canyons

Welcome to Kyrgyzstan where you are free to make a tour and travel in Konorchek canyons on cars for rent. In the course of a tour in the country it is possible to make a witness of the canyons, located in 125km from the capital of Kyrgyzstan. Canyons which you can visit during tours in Kyrgyzstan are divided into Large and Small. While making a tour fulfilled with great emotions you can witness 3mil years old volcano and 500m columns. These columns are created due to severe winds of this territory. Labyrinths are about 200km. And what is the most peculiar, all the walls are with images of animals and creatures. It is possible to turn to our company and we will help you to travel on rent cars Bishkek Lexus LX in the country. We hope you will enjoy the tour we are going to organize for you as it is great to travel along picturesque territories of Kyrgyzstan.

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