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Yurt in Kyrgyzstan

When you travel in Kyrgyzstan, you will see the real life of nomadic people which used to live in dwellings - yurts. Tours in Kyrgyzstan are going to be amazing by our company which will let you to know more about nomadic lifestyle. Since Kyrgyz people preferred easy way of life, they assemble and disassembled yurts and moved from one place to another. In general, the word "yurt" is a Turkic word and means "the people". In the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan, you will have chance to spend your holidays in wonderful yurts.   

Basically, Kyrgyz people preferred to be close to the nature and never built big houses. It is better for them not to destroy nature by massive buildings.  During your tour in Kyrgyzstan, you  will be see that, yurts shaped in round style which make them stable and protect from severe weather. We recommend you to travel in Kyrgyzstan and get inspiration from Kyrgyz lifestyle. You are going to spend your vacation with your family and friends and amaze by awesome tours in Kyrgyzstan.

There is a tradition you must to follow in your tour in Kyrgyzstan, if you entered in yurt, you must try Kyrgyz national food in it.

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