Kirghiz people has long been renowned for its musicality. His music, dating back to ancient times, the Kirghiz are divided into song and Kyu. To include all kyu music for folk instruments.
The most popular musical instrument is a three-stringed komuz. A two-stringed popular kayak and reed temiroozkomuz. In folk music practice applied yazychkovyyzhigachoozkomuz, brass choor flute, brass trostevyysurnay. In a traditional Kirghiz solnoemuzitsirovanie. Popular alternate, in the form of competitions, performances of musicians and singers. Folklore in the past existed only in the oral vide.Ispolniteli took over the music at each other's ears, while becoming not only interpreters but also the co-authors or creators of the new version of the musical work.
Kyu passed down from generation to generation, and each singer brought his new product in detail. Therefore, a feature kyrgyzskoy instrumental music is its variation.
Most kyrgyzskih kyu program and has a narrative character. Kyrgyzskie kyu absorbed a variety of topics. This is everyday narrative description of the phenomena of nature and wildlife. Kyu also created under the direct influence of the epic and its motives. A special kind of folk music is kyrgyzskogo akynskoepesnotvorchestvo. Akin-folk singer-improviser. The talented bard virtuoso has its own good vocal and rich poetic gift. Akin accompanies his singing by playing the komuz. For akyn peculiar singing improvisation, ease of development of musical and poetic thought, intonation and rhythmic freedom, recitative manner of execution.
Komuznoe support is often duplicated akyn voice, but in the beginning, end, and between verses songs are instrumental in winning back komuz. Kirghiz epic, leaving the roots in ancient times, tells the story of the life and exploits of heroes, the significant events of history. A special place is the people's epic trilogy "Manas", which can be called an encyclopedia of Kirghiz. - Discover the world of nomads!     - Kyrgyz tours in Central Asia.             - Nomads and their traditions. - Kyrgyzstan is the country of tourism. - The main tours of Kyrgyzstan.             


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