It broadly mapped the history, geographical knowledge, understanding of the natural environment, religious concepts, the ethnic composition of Kirghiz people, his life, customs, mores, philosophical, ethical views and judgments about human dignity and defects, aesthetic tastes, poetics and language. The epic "Manas" is ancient history, and is superior in terms of many famous epics of the world. It is composed entirely in verse, and includes 500,000 lines of verse. The ideological fervor associated with the epic struggle of irreconcilable Kirghiz for the independence and focused on the idea of ​​unification. Leader and inspirer of the people is the hero Manas. Around this basic way things are going trilogy.
The trilogy consists of three heroic poems: "Manas", "Semetei" and "Seytek." The epic "Manas" is a prime example of folk art that includes words, melody and elements of dramatic art. Manaschi - the narrator of the epic "Manas" - performs without instrumental accompaniment, and performs an epic sing-song voice.
The public life of the Kyrgyz nomads determined. During the monotonous life in the encampments violated family celebrations, which was attended by all the inhabitants of the village. The birth of a boy, his circumcision, weddings, funeral is always accompanied by abundant refreshments.
Families are usually large in Kyrgyz, all the relatives live together. The head of the family has always been a father, who disposed of all property. His wife was denied the right to vote and did not own property. In the case of the death of her husband's children were in families with relatives. Widow had happened, gave married to the deceased's brother. Funeral rites held on the day of death, the deceased were buried in a shroud, placed on the grave of adobe construction type of the mausoleum. Funeral for the deceased were held on the third, seventh and fortieth day and the year after his death. As a woman mourning could not cope.
Customs and rituals associated with the matchmaking, engagement and wedding are very varied and interesting. Wedding games, payment of dowry, the bride's dowry, exchange of clothes between the new family, seeing the bride and other ceremonial activities related to the wedding, in a modernized form of strictly enforced, and at this time.

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