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Kyrgyzstan is the land of majestic mountains and noisy lakes! Travelling in Kyrgyzstan, you will be impressed by its green valleys and pleasant climate. Kyrgyz nature is truly unique!

It is important to note that, tourism in Kyrgyzstan develops every year thanks to travellers who admire the amazing landscape and write excellent reviews. It motivates us!

Our company has prepared best deals of making your tours in Kyrgyzstan - incredible! Starting from a city tour and visiting sights as the central Ala-Too Square, Pobeda Square (Victory Square), the National Arts Museum, National philharmonic, Duboviy Park (Oak Park) as well as large shopping malls and other places of interest, you will find out that, Kyrgyzstan never forgets its culture.

Being in Kyrgyzstan, you will have a chance to get acquainted with nomadic lifestyle and ride horses among endless gorges and remote valleys. On the way, you will find small mountain streams and waterfalls. They are fabulous!

Since, Kyrgyzstan is the mountainous country; you will have an opportunity to have hiking trips among rocky gorges and canyons and see the best panoramic views of the country.

We are ready to meet all your requirements and provide available tours according to your taste and budget.


Tour 1: Bishkek City Tour
1 day (9 am - 8 pm)
Places to visit: Bishkek 

This tour is perfect for travellers who came in the capital of Kyrgyzstan just for one or several days and want to get acquainted with its main sightseeing. Please note that accommodation is excluded. Your guide will meet you at the hotel and you will start Bishkek city tour. City tour will include the main parks, alleys, wide streets, monuments and one of the biggest market in Bishkek. Read details HERE 

Tour 2: Ala Archa Tour
1 day (9 am - 8 pm)
Places to visit: Ala Archa gorge 

This tour to Ala Archa National Park is perfect for travellers who visit Bishkek for one or several days but want to relax in natural surroundings. Please notice, accommodation is excluded. Your day will start from warm greetings of your guide at the place you stay. Your way to the gorge will take about 40 min as its location approximately 45 km form the town.  Read details HERE.  

Tour 3: Bishkek City Tour and Ala Archa gorge
1 day (9 am - 8 pm)
Places to visit: Bishkek - Ala Archa - Bishkek 

This tour is perfect for travellers who prefer short trips to long. Today you can visit beautiful Ala Archa Nature Reserve near Bishkek (45 km) and Bishkek city itself with its main attractions. Note: your accommodation is not included. Your guide (if you prefer to travel with professional accompanying person) will pick you up at the place you stay and you will start the trip.  Read details HERE.  

Tour 4: Unusual Belogorka 
1 days (9 am - 8 pm)
Places to visit: Belogorka gorge

If you have only one day to spend in Kyrgyzstan and already have experienced all the beauty of Ala Archa National Park, we recommend our guests to visit unusual Belogorka gorge with the highest in all of northern Kyrgyzstan, a 60-meter waterfall, known as Belogorsky waterfall. We will pick you up from the point we agree in advanced in Bishkek (it can be any address of your stay) and at the end of the day we will drive you back. Read details HERE.   

Tour 5: Trip to fabulous Konorchek
1 day (9 am - 8 pm)
Places to visit: Konorchek Canyons 

We invite travellers to visit one of the fabulous unique places in Central Asia - Konorchek Canyons. Konorchek is located 125 km from Bishkek city and hidden behind the mountains of Boom gorge on the way to Issyk Kul Lake. Canyons are formed by red sandy rocks destroyed by rain and wind. Due to its color and landscapes you can experience yourself as in the legendary American western film ‘Mackenna's Gold'. Read details HERE.   

Tour 6: Historical Burana Tower
 1 day (9 am - 8 pm)
Places to visit: Burana 

Tower & ruins of the ancient city of Balasagun
This tour is perfect for travellers who interested in studying history and archaeological sites of Central Asia. The tour will start and finished in Bishkek city. During this tour you will find answers for such questions as what the Burana Tower was built for, what are the little stone statues of people nearby, what is their main idea and many other. Read details HERE.    

Tour 7: Short tour to Burana Tower and Issyk Ata Gorge
1 day (9 am - 8 pm)
Places to visit: Burana Tower - Issyk Ata gorge  

This tour is perfect for travellers who interested in history and at the same time want to enjoy beautiful nature of Kyrgyzstan. First point of this tour will be Burana Tower, where you can observe the ruins of ancient Balasagyn town and the Burana Tower itself. The second sightseeing for today is Issyk Ata gorge, where healing hot springs and beautiful waterfall are located. Read details HERE.   

Tour 8: Short tour to the ‘Pearl of Central Asia'
1 day (9 am - 9 pm)
Places to visit: Issyk Kul Lake

This tour is exactly for travellers who want to visit the main sightseeing of Kyrgyzstan - Issyk Kul Lake. Visitors have a chance to see all the beauty of the world's second largest alpine lake surrounded by mountains and never freezes. Read details HERE.  

Tour 9: Horseback riding in Chon Kemin gorge
1 day (9 am - 9 pm)
Places to visit: Chon Kemin gorge 

This tour gives a great chance to become acquainted with the usual lifestyle of Kyrgyz people that inherited and kept much from generation to generation. This horse riding tour may experience both professional riders as well as amateurs because you will have an opportunity to choose a ride on a flat terrain or the ascent to the panorama of the whole gorge. Read details HERE.  


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