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Legends of the lake

Tour 2: Legends of the lake. 
Duration: 5 days
Places to visit: Bishkek - Ala Archa - Chon Kemin - Issyk Kul Lake - Karakol - Jeti Oguz - Bishkek. 

This tour called the "Legends of the Lake" will allow learning a lot about the most visited part of Kyrgyzstan, the legendary Issyk Kul lake. You will visit famous Ala Archa gorge, take photos in red rocks of Jeti Oguz, meet the eagle hunter and enjoy swimming in the lake. You will be told the most interesting legends and facts about Issyk Kul lake.  

Day 1: Bishkek
Bishkek is the capital of Kyrgyzstan at the altitude of 600-900m above sea level. Your tour starts in arriving at Manas International Airport. Then goes a 30 minutes way of 34km from it to Bishkek. Your frist day of your tour Legends of the lake will start with visiting Bishkek. The team of the company will show you the city, all of the sites of great significance like Pobeda Square (Victory Square), Duboviy Park (Oak Park), Central Ala-Too Square, the National Arts Museum, National Philharmonic. Despite these sites the main place of the country will be seen - Asian Bazaar. Here you can buy various traditional and peculiar products, dried fruits, and cloths. This day you will sleep in the hotel of the capital. 
Day 2: Bishkek - Ala Archa - Burana - Chon Kemin
Being in the capital of Kyrgyzstan we advise to travel to Ala Archa National Park. The park is famous for being the home of about 20 glaciers, 50 peaks, 2 rivers, waterfalls and of course springs. The name means the plant juniper which is burnt by the people for frightening away unclean spirits. The park is famous for the mountain landscape which is also called "the Alps of Central Asia". Then after the park you will be driven to Burana tower, also known as minaret created in the 11th century bearing the means of the Karakhanid epoch. Additionally it is peculiar for balbals - warriors made of stone standing around. We take guests to Chon Kemin gorge after they have enjoyed and felt the signs of the Great Silk Road and all of the wanderers who used to find shelter here. Traditional Kyrgyz family will treat you with dinner and give an accommodation.

Day 3: Chon Kemin - Issyk Kul lake southern shore - Jeti Oguz - Karakol
Meeting the new day guests will take a route to the south of Issyk Kul Lake, located at the altitude of 1600m above sea level. The lake is surrounded by mountains and not depending on the site of location, you can enjoy mountain nearly touching the sky. Then you start off for Bokonbaevo village and attend the eagle hunting show, communicate with an eagle, berkut. The further point of the tour is going along Jeti Oguz gorge. The form is of seven bulls standing in a row, bearing the legends of interesting emergence. The last destination of this day is Karakol town. The town is where you can try extremely delicious ashlyanfu dish. Here you can witness apple tries right on the streets. Here you can visit Dungan mosque and Orthodox Church. This kind of tours like Legends of the lake is one of the most interesting tours in Kyrgyzstan where you can learn a lot of history. Night will be offered to be spent in the hotel.

Day 4: Karakol - Issyk Kul northern shore - Bishkek
After Karakol you will return to Issyk Kul Lake, but in this case to the north of it! This shore is famous for ancient petroglyphs of 2000 years old. They were made by shamans of those times. As you travel here you still can find shamans high in the mountains. This day you will sleep in the hotel to return back from Bishkek the next day.

Day 5: Flight
In the morning of the 5th day you will return home from a stunning route in Kyrgyzstan, with a transfer to airport.


02 pax - Mitsubishi Delica 
04-10 pax - Mercedes Sprinter

Price per person: 
02 pax - 615 $ 
04 pax - 395 $
06 pax - 305 $
08 pax - 260 $
10 pax - 235 $
Single - 70 $
Early check-in - 35 $ 
Single early check-in - 60 $ 

All dinners - 60 $
All lunches and dinners - 120 $

English speaking guide - 300 $ per group


Service includes:
- Transport
- Accommodation:
        Bishkek - "Discovery" 3* or "Garden" 4*
        Chon Kemin - Homestay
        Karakol - "Karagat" Hotel 4* or "Green Yard" Guesthouse 
- Opportunities to visit all of the museums on the way
- Provision with mineral water all along the tour

Service does not include:
- Meals
- Single rooms 
- Early check-in
- Travel insurance
- Visa and visa support
- English speaking guide


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