Each region of the world shares on smaller regions, which in the

Turn are presented by the countries making them (Table 2.1).

    Geographical concentration of the international tourist exchanges

Corresponds to geographical concentration of trade, however has two important


First, the countries with positive balance on receipts from tourism,

|например the USA, Spain, Portugal, Greece, often have the negative  

|баланс in trade. The countries with negative balance on the tourist     

|обменам the positive trading balance, for example Germany, Japan have.


    Secondly, an exchange of tourist services between the industrial countries with

Similar samples of demand not necessarily is an exchange of products

Similar types, as in trade in the goods.


Kyrgyzstan Trekking: Trek 03
Your trip: Kyrgyzstan
Type of trip: Trekking Tour
Time of tour: 10 days

Day 1: You will arrive at Manas airport and transfer to Bishkek city. After accommodation at the hotel you will have a strengthening breakfast and rest. After lunch you will tour the city. After this excursion will be the nature of National Park Ala-Arche (2200 m) at 45 km from the capital.
Day 2: Breakfast 7 am. We will go to the village and the village Kochkorka Ak-Tam. During your trip you will visit the Burana Tower architectural complex (XI). The next stop will be Kochkorka village. In this country you will see the show feels and purchase unique crafts handmade masters Kyrgyzstan. After lunch, arrive in the village of Ak-Tam. Dinner and overnight is in the unique nomadic homes.
Day 3: After breakfast you will have trekking tours in the village Eki-Nary crowd Bol'shoi place RIVES (Big) and Malyi (Small) Nary. During our trekking tour you will visit the reserve, where you can feed the deer. From this place you start your trekking to light.
Dinner and overnight is in tents in Tam-Oruk.
Day 4: At 7 am breakfast. You will have trekking tours along the river Malyi Nary (small) Archaly village. These road passes through alpine meadows, pine forests, where you can relax and enjoy nature. Dinner and overnight is in tents.
Day 5: In the morning you will have breakfast. You will start trekking tours Dzhyluu-Suu, where you can bathe in thermal springs. In this place will be in camp two nights.
Day 6: Today you will have trekking tours Teshik-Kol lake, where you can go fishing, and after that you will return to the campsite. Dinner and overnight is in tents.
Day 7: In the morning you will have breakfast. After breakfast you will have spent trekking tour through the Tone (4023 m). In this place will be the night of camp.
Day 8: Breakfast At 7 am. You have to do trekking tours in the village of origin Tort-Kul where you finish in horse riding tours. Accommodation is in the yurt village. Then you can swim in one of the most beautiful lakes in the world.
Day 9: At 7 am breakfast. We will drive to Bishkek. Dinner and overnight at hotel.
Day 10: We will meet at the hotel and picked up at the airport.



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