Kyrgyzstan Trekking: Trek 14
Country: Kyrgyzstan
Activity Tour: Trekking Tour
Time: 10 days

Day 1: Upon arrival you will be met by guide at Manas International Airport and transfer to Karakol city. Accommodation in a private guesthouse or small hotel. Dinner at the center of Karakol.
Day 2: Breakfast is served at 08:00 2 hours trekking tours to scenic Chon-Kyzyl-Suu valley from. Upon arrival short trekking tour to Kara-Batkak valley and have a lunch. After lunch free time to explore the surroundings or rest. Dinner and overnight is in tents.
Day 3: After breakfast you will have our trekking tour to Arch-Tor valley. Lunch in the foothills of the Arch-Tor pass (3800 m) on the bank of rushing mountain river. Trekking tour in the pass with a magnificent view over the ice wall Jety-Oguz and other peaks of the snow capped mountains of Terskei. Base camp in a low valley. Dinner and overnight is in tents.
Day 4: After breakfast you will have our tours trekking down the Arch-Tor valley to Djety-Oguz valley. Lunch. Here is how great panoramic view on Djety Oguz wallpaper - a chain of snowy peaks with a peak Oguz-Bashi beautiful (5181 m) dominated the area. Oguz-Bashi is Kyrgyz for "bull head". Trekking tour-Oguz valley below Djety Telety River, then along it, up the valley Telety. Camp in a wooded area. Dinner and overnight is in tents.
Day 5: After breakfast you will have our tours trekking up the valley Telety. Lunch in the foothills of Telety pass. After lunch trekking tours in the past (3800 m) and camp in the valley Telety.
Day 6: Breakfast is served at 08:00 Trekking tour through the forest down the valley Telety fur tree and juniper trees to Karakol valley. Lunch on the bank of River Mountain. Trekking tour in the upper base Karakol valley where there is a small lake with amazing Karakol peak (5218 m) in the background make this place very picturesque. Trekking back to the camp tour. Dinner and overnight is in tents.
Day 7: After breakfast you will have our tours trekking down Karakol valley, and then 2 hours trekking tour up throgh the woods along the river Ala-Kol. Lunch at the site "Sirota" camp. "Sirota" is Russian for orphans. It was built some years ago by Russian 15-20 enthusiastic trekkers, who then provides a haven for hikers and trekkers throughout the world. Trekking tour to the valley along the Ala-Kol small waterfalls cascade to Ala-Kol lake which sits at altitude of 3532 m. Camp in the rocky cliff above the lake. Dinner and overnight is in tents with great panoramic views of the lake.
Day 8: After breakfast you will have our tours trekking along the shore of the lake and then on the Ala-Kol pass (3860 m), the Kel-valley dam. Lunch. Traveling down to Altyn-Arashan valley. "Altyn Arashan" is Kyrgyzstan's "golden sources". They are famous because of natural resources is curative hot sulfur. Before dinner guests can take hot baths in the springs. Dinner and overnight is in tents.
Day 9: Breakfast is served at 08:00 meet vehicles. Transfer to Karakol city of many spectacular mountain road. Switching cars comfortable aircon bus. Machine during the day to Bishkek with a possible stop at the beach of Issyk-Kul lake for swimming. Lunch at a cafe down the road. Upon arrival in Bishkek in a hotel accommodation and short sightseeing before dinner. Dinner at local restaurant and night at hotel.
Day 10: Transfer to, departure airport.



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Accurate differentiation of these categories from a category has been thus given




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