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Travel to Central Asia!

Central Asian countries have their own advantages. Firstly, this region has its own unique nature and mountains. There are many advantages to traveling in beautiful landscapes of Silk Road Tours.

Wandering for the tour to Tajikistan you will be satisfied with a calm and quiet city with beautiful parks and good restaurants. In Uzbekistan, you will get acquainted with the majestic cities, art and blue domes of old sights. Our Kyrgyzstan will surprise you with the mountains that open the country from all sides and also with the nature of the most unique places as well as high passes. Traveling to incredible Turkmenistan, you will be delighted with unique architecture and take a ride to amazing Darwaza. Kazakhstan is an energetic and beautiful country with many Soviet attractions that seem so modern.

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Travel to Central Asia

Travel to Central Asia! 

Central Asia is a region full of treasures and mysteries. It is a mixture of Eastern culture, Soviet ideology and modern civilization. Keeping in mind that this area used to be the part of the Great Silk Road, it is evident how important role it plays in the world history.

Our guest is usually an experienced tourist who has already been to 50-100 countries. He visited incredible tour destinations where an excellent service is rather a norm than deviation. These are modern cities with high technologies, wonderful islands with sandy beach, cozy restaurants with perfect cuisine and so on. Diving, paragliding, skydiving, horseback riding, hiking, climbing. He probably tried a lot of activities in different parts of the planet.

However, he can't wait to come to Central Asia! To take a car for rent and have an awesome self-drive tour around Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Discover celestial mountains and lakes, set up a yurt in Kyzyl Tuu, take a photo with a Golden eagle in Bokonbaevo and make a small felt carpet in Kochkor to take it home as a souvenir. Meet inhabitants of Murgab, Langar and Yamg, communicate with them to understand better their mentality and take incredibly beautiful portraits of locals. Maybe to study the surrounding gorges and lakes of Almaty, visit Issyk and see kurgan, drive to Altyn Emel to down the Singing Dune. Have a BBQ at Darwaza gas crater and enjoy the countless historical buildings of Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva. Also you can take a car for rent to have a self-drive tour.

Our company is ready to fulfill any of your wishes! Travel and discover your own Central Asia!

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